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I’m Dave Campbell, author of Ontarioseptictank.ca.  I own a septic repair, inspection, and maintenance company in South Western Ontario.

Before I became an installer, I was much like most of you visiting this site; seeking out answers about how to fix a failing septic system.  I worked for a kids camp on Lake Huron at the time and their large septic system was failing miserably. Installers, operators, and engineers all had their advice($) but nothing worked. I had no other choice but to learn as much as possible so I could solve the problem myself. After months of research and actually taking the system apart, I found the problem and saved the camp thousands of dollars! It was then that I realized I would make a great septic repairman and be able to help a lot more people. After working at the camp I worked for a septic installer to gain that valuable hands-on experience!
In 2010 I officially became an “Onsite Sewage Supervisor” (BCIN 38673) or in non government terms, an Installer. Since then I have been able to help many customers with their septic system problems simply by using science, instead of an excavator!